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The Team

Alec Hartman


Alec loves NYC, startups and the tech community. Over the past few years, he's founded NY Tech Day - the world's largest tech startup event, NYC Dev Shop - a startup focused web and app development firm, and he's co-founded DigitalOcean a startup-friendly hosting service. Alec graduated from Emory University and is a techstars alum.

About Us

NYC DevShop is a Ruby on Rails and iOS development shop that specializes in building initial products for early-stage companies. Our developers and designers create cutting edge web and iOS applications for exceptional entrepreneurial teams.

We stand for building products that work, make sense, and help people. Our process is one of openness, transparency and honesty. Because we understand that founders have a unique set of goals and objectives, we work closely with our clients to determine a clear vision for success and continued growth.

Being proudly based in New York City, the fastest growing tech community in the world, gives us deep relationships within the community and beyond. Something our portfolio clients value. We’re known for our connections with the key events and meetups, people, companies, VCs, blogs, incubators, and programs that make this city tick. So it shouldn’t surprise you that we’re also the creators of NY Tech Day, the worlds largest startup event!


Who are your clients?

We work best with clients that have great domain experience and a clear vision of success. Most importantly, we look for clients that understand how to build a company through hard work, a great plan, and an iterative approach.

What technologies do you use?

While we develop primarily with Ruby on Rails and Ruby Motion (for iOS Development), some of the most interesting projects we've built have involved adopting brand new technologies, so our tool belt is flexible. We are also preferred developers for a number of notable SASS products and API's including Yodlee and Twilio.

Do you provide UI/UX design services?

We have dedicated in-house resources (who do you think designed what you’re looking at right now?)

How does pricing work?

We work as an all-in-one team, including dedicated design, project management and development. We charge $6,500 per week plus 3.5% of equity.

Why do you take equity?

We see our clients as partners and we want to have vested interest in seeing them thrive. Our commitment to having a small ownership in them keeps our interests aligned. We want to play a part in our client’s development over the long-term.

Will you sign an NDA?

We haven’t yet, and don’t intend to. NDAs are typically used to protect confidential relationships between companies, often involving financial information. If you are an existing company with confidential data that needs protection, we will discuss in person.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes! We stand behind our work. If there are errors in your application, we’ll likely know before you. We monitor our products with error tracking software and will fix anything for 6 weeks after our engagement concludes.

Do you guys do any testing?

Yes! We don’t do TDD (test-driven development) but for the major aspects of your app, we’ll design tests to make sure things are running smoothly. We also do front-end and usability testing.

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Digital Ocean
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DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider. They are TechStars alums that allow you to create and deploy a VPS in 55 seconds. DigitalOcean has launched over 70,000 virtual servers to date and has a thriving community and article base.

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How Referrals Help Us Tick


We’ve got some great clients here at DevShop, and sometimes people ask us where we find them.  It’s very likely the next one could possibly come from YOU!  We don’t make a secret around here about the fact that a good chunk of our business comes from referrals.   Read more here about how referrals are such a vital part of the business of running a devshop and what they mean to our culture... Read more

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Sometimes you want to make it easier for users to add things to their calendars right from your website. I find this to be really under-utilized. Since most professionals live by their calendars, getting an event into their calendars is a big victory. Here's a great way to make that easier!

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An MVP that connected to me and connects others...


Before I get to the app I wanted to talk about, I wanted to share a bit of background about me- so this way there’s a bit more of the story on how I came to connect with an app called continuity.io


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